Business policy of the JockerBet company

The primary aim of JockerBet's business policy is the establishment and improvement of standards in the sports betting domain, in Romania and in the south-eastern Europe region.

Outstanding quality in all business domains is a basic feature of our company. Constant improvement and substantial investments in expansion and the strengthening of the network of betting premises into new, modern business premises, as well as the development and improvement of business operations, is a strong motive for employees to prove themselves and to perfect their skills, and progress. The opening up of new positions creates the possibilities for young and educated staff to find their place in the most successful domestic company in the sports betting domain.

Business achievements acknowledge that we have clearly defined programs and well studied markets with unambiguous regional ambitions. Our greatest wealth is in our people, highly educated staff capable of making quick and quality decisions. Continuous successful business operations are being achieved thanks to modern work methodology and organisation, the application of worldwide experiences and knowledge, and skilled staff who react quickly, efficiently and boldly. Accomplished results have created assumptions for the stable business operations of the whole company.